Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This whole week...
No.. Perhaps this whole month.
Subjected to alot of emotional and physical stress.
Studies is demanding alot from me.
Assignments are pilling because of my moodiness.
Grandma is in the hospital and still ICU.
Who can I run to?
Who can I cry to?
I expect myself to be stronger.
I expect myself to be tougher.
Really am in a bad mood.
Call it pms or whatever.

Gets irritated so easily these few days.
Gets angry at the slightest thing.

The world is demanding more than I can give.
Pray that I can still handle and cope.

Let me take a rest. 


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Im smiling
Im fooling around
Im laughing.

But does anyone know Im broken and hurting on the inside?

Really hate being emo during this festive period.
No matter how hard I try
No matter how soft I try
It still comes back to haunt me.

Such a simple note could make me shed a tear.
Am I being naive or stupid?
Perhaps both.

Im here asking the same question over and over again.
Can I do this all over again with 100%?
I dont think so.
But I will try my best.

Lets pray and hope for the best. 

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Just because your standing still doesnt mean the world aint moving.
Do you believe in second chances? 
Do you believe in miracles? 
Do you believe what is destiny?
Give love a chance. And you may discover many many unseen things.

Lets just hope that I get it right after such a terrible terrible failure.
Your just digusting to watch.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not all things are dead.
Not all worms are bad.
Not all flowers are poisonous.

Please understand my decision.
May I get it right  this time. 
Will You follow me?

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Im not being the super goody goody little boy trying to spread religion in this post.
No matter what religion you believe in. 
Or some cases. You dont believe in.
Prayer is always the strongest weapon or faith or believe in any religion 

We pray when we are in need of help.
We pray when we are in trouble.
We pray when we are in despair.
We pray when we are happy.
We pray when we are sad.
And there are alot of reasons to pray.

You may disagree with me.
But its still MY blog and MY opinion.
Everytime you say a prayer.
Asking for divine intervention or gifts thats you cant afford.
Don't you feel relax?
In times of trouble and uncertainty.
Don't you feel assured?

How amazing is a prayer?
Try it yourself and you will know the anwser.

Dear Father,
Tonight is the 14th of December of 2010.
Its the day that my broadband limit was removed and restarted. 
Thank you.
I would also like to pray for my family and relatives as well.
As we are in times of uncertainty about the economy.
I pray and hope that things will return normal and smiles could be restored.
I also pray for the well-being of all the ones on earth.
Be it people I know or don't know.
I pray that Father you will embrace those who are in pain, sorrow, sadness and in need of help
Grant them wisdom and the heart to solve their obstacles easily and smoothly.
I also pray for my friends that may achieve what they aim and trying to achieve.
Father I would also like to pray that my car can get fix as soon as possible as there are more and more problems to my beloved car.
But Father. In addition I would like to pray for a special few because I care about them
Victor,Mun Yee,Peikzhi,Melvin,Darren,Gareth,Elaine,Arry,Paco,Kelvin,Felicia
I pray that Father will grant them journey mercy as they travel back and forth from destination from destination.
And for Chee Ann,SiewHui,Josh,Eric,William,Joaquin.
That Father you will take care of them and watch over them so that they dont get into serious trouble.
And the last but not least Father.

I pray for You.

In You I place my faith and trust.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Even tough guys pray when they are in trouble.
So Im putting my hands together as I pass this time of trials.

Life is just like a game.
Yet it is not to be treated as a game.
You play by aiming to win
You dont play by aiming that you MUST win.

Like my coach used to say.
Its just as simple as living your life.
You take the ball, you settle your breathing, take aim. relax and go.
Its just that easy.
But in life we also like to make things difficult.
We want to make patterns to be more cool,
We think by winning alone we will be popular,
We want to be famous,
And the worse of all is. You stop being yourself.
How does these add up?
You take the ball.
You think that you must STRIKE.
You think that people are watching.
You think by throwing harder or faster will help.
And to impress others you play a style that even your coach dont recognise.
Thats when you lose.
Even before your ball touches the lane.

How it makes sense now!!
If I listened to this advice long time ago. 
I will surely be better.
But he also added.
When your ball leaves your hand.
There is nothing you can do except hope for the best.
Don't regret nor feel bad about the bad throw.
But make sure you don't repeat the same mistake on your next frame.
A mistake is made in a second.
But forever remembered.

I am currently finishing my current frame.
And I wish to start over.
I am willing to forget terrible things.
And im willing to forgive.

An open heart and an open mind is what you need.
I wish upon the bright moon.
That all the pieces will fall into place gracefully.

I wish to be friends.
But the final say is still up to you.


Monday, November 22, 2010

A secret is amazing you know.
It bonds people together.
It helps a few individual feel closer to each other.
Brothers and sisters share this secret and uphold this secret only to those worthy of knowing.

A secret is also devastating to a relationship.
As more and more secrets are kept from one individual.
We tend to avoid that person and mark him/her as an outcast.
Often afraid that the person would ruin things.
Things are even worse when they used to share secrets.

Remember the times that we shared secret and laugh it out when the beans spilled?
Remember we poked each other to tell secrets?
Remember we tease each other?
Remember the time we shared?
Do you?
If you do then what are you doing now.

Im not saying you should tell me all your secret.
But mind you.
Don't whisper secrets in front of a person which you don't intend to tell.

How many things do I know?
Lets just say..
I know less than what you guys thought.
Do brothers and sisters treat each other like this?
Maybe I am wrong.
But just look back.

If I am wrong.
Tell me.
If your wrong.
Tell yourself.
If you don't
then there is pretty much nothing that can be done.


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